Processing room

Walk in fridge is widely used around the world; one of the kinds is to be as a processing room. Customers will process different kinds of food inside, like pork, beef, chicken, fish, etc.


walk in fridge of processing room


Procedure inside the processing room:

inspect the meat -> Dry the surface of the meat -> Decompose the body -> Classification of the meat -> weigh the meat -> Chill the meat -> Package -> Processing room job finished

The processing room can be any size according to your requirement. You can give us your drawing, or you could tell us your plan, we can make the drawing for you.


You check the processing room design for more cold room construction details.


Walk in fridge of processing room design details

1. insulated panels

The whole body of the walking fridge is made of PU/PIR panel. If the processing plant is not big, we advise PU panel. If the room is big, then we advise PIR panel (MOQ 1000 square meters). Usually, we advise 75mm or 100mm thick panel.

2. insulated doors

About the walking fridge door, for the outer door of the room, the door needs to be big, we advise sliding door, there are manual and auto opening type for your option. And inside the processing room, you can use the hinged door, etc.

3. refrigeration equipment

About the condensing unit, compared to other units, the condenser for the processing room will be bigger in order to reach temperature of +15C degree.
About the evaporator, we will use the DHF series, it blows wind from two sides, and the wind is soft, so workers inside won’t feel uncomfortable.

4. others

Besides, the processing room is for meat processing, we need to keep the meat in good quality and clean, which is very important.
Are you plan to make a processing room with refrigeration? You could send your needs to get quick quote from us.

For more: you could get in touch with us and leave your message to get the latest price and ask questions, and we will reply as soon as possible.

condensing unit with Copeland compressor

Different prices for different customizations. Any size of cold room and requirements is acceptable.

Please feel free to let us know your demand information, we will contact you as soon as possible, looking forward to cooperating with you!

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