cold storage room

It’s quite easy to design refrigeration equipment for the freezer room and chiller room.

We could use monoblock refrigeration units, which is an easy installation and no need commissioning.

We could also use split systems. Installation is not so difficult and maintenance is very easy, especially we use the semi-hermetic Bitzer compressor.

We could also use a compressor rack systems. It looks complicated but it’s quite simple and could save power.

But when it comes to -50~-60C, we could no longer use the same design. DJ evaporator can’t work well and lead to lots of problems.

Whole systems need to redesign. The gas, evaporator, compressor, defrost systems and control panel, etc.

With authorized technology from our European partners, we could give you a high quality -60C refrigeration systems, which is long-lasting, power efficiency and easy operation & maintenance.