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Cold Room Case: Two Chiller Room Design

Location: cold room in PNG

It is a 15x6x2.7m cold room divided into two parts for different vegetable storage, one room requires +9C degree, the other requires +2C degree.

Two chiller room

Cold Storage Panel solution

Wall and roof panel with 0.6mm thick BAOSTEEL brand white color plate steel.

Floor panel is with 0.8m thick steel, and extra 3mm thick embossed alumimum steel plate.

10 years warranty.

Refrigeration equipments solution

Chiller Room A: Need to cool down 3 tons of vegetables from +23C to +9C degree in 24 hours. We advise 4HP Bitzer compressor 2CES-4Y, 1 piece evaporator, evaporator heat exchange area 80m2, 6mm fin space.


Chiller Room B: Need to cool down 6 tons of vegetables from +23C to +2C degree in 24 hours. We advise 6HP Bitzer compressor 4CES-6Y, 2 pieces evaporator, evaporator heat exchange area 67m2, 6mm fin space.


Key points:
1. For vegetable storage, we use bigger evaporator to ensure vegetables can be kept in fresh without losing much water.
2. Vegetables cold room is more humidity than meat cold room, we use 6mm fin space of evaporator for longer defrost period.


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