big cold room projects with pir panel

Do you need a cold room installation or any other type of cold room solution? Energy efficiency is a basic factor to consider in all new refrigeration systems. From the original design of the system to the way it is installed, maintained, and used, the energy efficiency of the cold room can be maximized. At the same time, as the electricity bill becomes more and more expensive, the cost of cold storage usage will also increase, so how can we reduce the electricity bill for running the cold storage?

1. Cold Room Design and Installation

The first step to improve the efficiency of cold storage is to build high-efficient cold storage.

A quality refrigeration solution will take into account every aspect of the environment to improve cooling efficiency. For example, how to install it for shade, how to position and size, will the outdoor cold storage be exposed to direct sunlight? The construction of cold storage should try to reduce the heat taken from the environment.

Improve the efficiency of refrigeration systems by using better and more energy-efficient refrigeration equipment.

Reflective paint on the outside of the cold storage can reduce the external heat load. Coolant pipes can also be installed to reduce heat absorption by the cold room from the surrounding environment. LEDs are the best choice for indoor lighting because they consume far less power and don’t emit as much heat.

2. Regular Maintenance of Cold Room

Protective maintenance ensures that cold room systems continue to operate in an energy-efficient way. Heat exchangers should be inspected and cleaned to improve system performance. At the same time, you should regularly check whether the seals and insulating material of the refrigeration unit are aligned with the door, because the seals may be damaged after being worn, causing energy waste.

You should also ensure that dirt and other debris do not block the fins and that product stacking does not block the air cooler inside, and that weeds do not grow in front of the outer air cooler. Your goal is to stay clear for at least one meter before and after the coil.

3. Cold Room Daily Using

The lights in the cold storage room should be turned off when not in use to reduce power consumption. Regarding the cold storage room, the goods should be loaded and unloaded in an organized manner to minimize the number of times of entering the cold storage. Whenever you enter or leave a cold room, make sure the door is closed to reduce heat entry.

In the food industry, especially on farms and other businesses that handle large quantities of perishable foods, pre-cooling strategies such as hydraulic, vacuum or forced air cooling are becoming increasingly popular.


CRYO SYSTEMS Refrigeration offers a range of power-saving commercial and industrial refrigeration solutions, including cold rooms, freezer rooms, walk-in freezers, blast freezers, humidity-controlled rooms and more. We can provide you with the most suitable cold storage solution for you. Contact us today to discuss your cold room project.

Different prices for different customizations. Any size of cold room and requirements is acceptable.

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