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Causes of Refrigerant Floodback in compressor:

Refrigerant floodback in an compressor can be caused by a variety of circumstances. The majority of them may be traced back to:

1. Problems with the evaporator are number one.

2. Excessive charging and/or improperly sized capillary tubes.

3. Expansion valves that are defective or misadjusted.

4. Migration of refrigerants.

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The solution for liquid return of the compressor:

We give 4 solutions for you to solve that the continuous liquid return of the compressor:

1) Double check the expansion valve selection.

– Confirm if the expansion valve selection is suitable. We can use the supplier’s software to check.

– Check the suction superheat, the superheat should meet the below requirements after the expansion valve is opened:

a. Low temperature: the superheat minimum is 11k

b. Medium temperature: superheat is advised at 3~6k.

2) Check the evaporator

– Defrost periodically

– Confirm if the evaporator capacity is suitable.

3) Refrigerant capacity

Check if the systems refrigerant gas is suitable

4) Consider equipped with the suction accumulator.


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