Medicine chiller room

The installation standards for medical cold storage are as follows

(1) Medical cold storage commensurate with its business scale and variety, and biological product cold storage shall be equipped with two or more independent cold storages;

(2) Equipment used for automatic monitoring, display, recording, regulation and alarm of cold storage temperature; through the high-precision temperature sensor, it can achieve a function of automatic temperature and constant temperature, and at the same time, no manual operation is required during the entire operation 

(3) Stand-by generator set or dual-circuit power supply system for refrigeration equipment of biological products cold storage;

(4) For drugs with special low temperature requirements, facilities and equipment that meet their storage requirements shall be equipped;

(5) When the medical cold room is constructed, the warehouse should also be equipped with corresponding ventilation equipment, and equipment with dust-proof, moisture-proof and mildew-proof effects should be added.


Medical cold room design solution:


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