automatic defrost control

We know there are four types of defrosting in the cold room:

1) manual defrost;

2) electric heater defrost;

3) hot gas defrost;

4) water defrost.

Today, let us discuss the electric heater defrost type about how it runs and stops automatically? For automatic defrost control, we must mention three parameters. They are defrosted cycle, defrost time and defrost end temperature.

automatic defrost control in evaporator

To control defrost run automatically, we use defrost cycle parameter. For example, if defrost cycle setting is 4, it means defrost will run every 4 hours.

To control defrost stop, defrost time and defrost end temperature are needed. If parameters defrost time is 30 and defrost end temperature is 10, defrost time means the max time of defrosting is 30 minutes, and defrost end temperature means defrost stop after the defrost sensor is detected temperature 10 degrees C. One of these two parameters reaches the setting, the defrost will stop. Normally, we use the parameter defrost end temperature to control.

So, after finishing the installation and starting to test, we need to adjust the defrost parameters according to check the evaporator frost and defrost condition.

If you want to use Hot Gas Defrost, for more details you can read: My electricity cost is expensive, what refrigeration unit solution you advise?

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