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Seafood Cold Storage Construction


The construction plan of the 10,000 square meters large seafood cold storage (aquatic product cold storage) cold storage is introduced in detail:

  1. Site selection:

First of all, we must understand that you will build a large seafood cold storage of 10,000 square meters (aquatic product cold storage). The scale of the cold storage must be cautious. Close to the water source. It will not affect the surrounding people. It also needs a good environment, no factory pollution, etc.

  1. Design of large cold room for seafood:

10,000 square meters of large-scale seafood cold storage design a reasonable number of platforms according to your daily cargo tonnage to ensure smooth circulation of goods, and design a certain parking area. .

  1. Selection of refrigeration equipment for large-scale cold storage for seafood:

the size, temperature and configuration of cold storage equipment will also differ depending on the type of refrigeration unit: Bitzer and Copeland are relatively well-known brands. The price is relatively higher.

  1. Cold Room temperature:

The temperature of large seafood cold storage: the range is between -18 degrees and -30 degrees. 

If the temperature exceeds the temperature range, it will affect the taste of seafood. Different seafood has different temperature requirements for cold storage. 


How to manage the cold room for frozen fish?


Do you want to build a cold room for seafood, more details of the cold room for storing seafood, you could us for your requirement.

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Different prices for different customizations. Any size of cold room and requirements is acceptable.

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