Of course, we should use PU panels and PIR panels, instead of Styrofoam panels. Regarding to their difference, please refer to our previous article: What’s the difference between PIR, PUR and Styrofoam panels?


But what panels thickness should be selected? The thicker, the better, isn’t it?

Our answers is no. From a chiller room, if we use 200mm PU panels, it could improve the thermal insulation, but difference maybe only 5%, while panels price increase 50%. So it’s not a good choice.

We should consider the maximum temperature difference outside and inside the cold room.

For example, outside maximum temperature is +38C, inside the cold room deepest temperature is -20C, so the temperature difference is 58C.

With this temperature difference, we could choose the most suitable panels thickness, which is 150mm.

If the cold room is indoor, we don’t have to consider the ambient temperature, we just need to consider the indoor temperature.


We, CRYO systems, manufacture both insulated panels. Good quality and less cost, welcome to contact us.

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