CRYO has developed an app of remote control platform for cold rooms. It will help your cold room and business more successfully. It allows you to get cold room running status with 24-hour monitoring service whenever and wherever you are, find the cold room failure in time reducing food problems, and so on.

Professional design

We can provide an engineer to design your cold room. Every cold storage project we offer you must be a very professional project designed by our team of engineers with over 10 years of experience. Each design we provide is fully discussed with you and meets most of your requirements.

Cryo's services

Installation service

You can enjoy the turnkey engineering services of our professional engineers. We have already provided installation services to many customers in Vietnam, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Tanzania, USA. In addition, we have completed thousands of cold storage projects in China.

Cryo's engineers

After-sales service

All-day online support, and we guarantee a quick reply with 24 hours, Video technical support,  and Field maintenance and repair service.