Cryo systems factory

Seafood cold storage room

We, CRYO systems refrigeration, provide a turnkey project for seafood processing plants, including ice storage room, processing packing room, chiller room, frozen storage, blast freezer, even -50~-60C tuna cold storage, etc. Not only the production scale, but technology and management are the No.1 in the Chinese cold room and refrigeration unit industry. Compared to local contractors, our prices and quality are much better. What’s more, you could enjoy our excellent service and save a lot:

1# Save 30% on electricity cost

During the service life of the cold room project,  electricity costs would be more than the cold room purchase cost. If it saves 30%, how much you would save each month? How much each year?

2# Save 50% on maintenance cost

You would enjoy 10 years of quality warranty for our panels. No corrosion problem or leaking problem.

3# Frozen cold storage

4# Air blast freezer

5# Our engineers would visit you on-site

One-Stop Solution for All Your Customized Cold Rooms Requirement. We are happy to talk to you or your installer for complete cold room solutions.