bitzer condensing units

When the refrigeration system is running, the exhaust pressure corresponds to the condensation temperature, and the condensation temperature is related to the flow and temperature of its cooling medium, the amount of refrigerant injected, the efficiency of the compressor, and the amount of cooling load. When checking the refrigeration system, you can install an exhaust pressure gauge on the exhaust pipe when inspecting the refrigeration system to detect the exhaust pressure as a fault analysis data.

Factors of high exhaust pressure.

The exhaust pressure is higher than the normal value due to the following factors: low cooling medium flow rate or high cooling medium temperature, excessive refrigerant charge, heavy cooling load, etc. The above factors will increase the circulation of the system, and the condensing heat load will increase accordingly. In order to adjust the heat dissipation, the only way to increase the condensing temperature is to solve the thermal balance of the system. In the case of low cooling medium flow and high medium temperature, it reduces the heat dissipation effect of the condenser and causes the condensation temperature to rise. Another reason for the large amount of refrigerant charge is that the excess refrigerant liquid occupies part of the condenser tube, which reduces the condensation area and causes the condensation temperature to rise.

Factors of low exhaust pressure.

The condensing pressure is lower than the normal value due to the following factors: poor compressor efficiency, low refrigerant volume, low cooling load, poor filter flow and low cooling medium temperature. The above factors will cause the system’s circulation volume to decrease, the condensation load is small, and the condensation temperature decreases. From the above-mentioned changes in suction pressure and discharge pressure, the two are closely related.


In general, the suction pressure is high, the discharge pressure is also high; the suction pressure is low, the discharge pressure is also low; this is the operating law of the refrigeration system. When some systems cannot be equipped with an exhaust pressure gauge but can be equipped with an inhalation pressure gauge, the general situation of the exhaust pressure can also be estimated from the change in the intake pressure.

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