Tuna Cold Storage

 Tuna Cold Storage, the temperature is up to -60C Ultra low temperature, is specially designed to store and freeze tuna and other high-quality seafood.

Location: Fiji, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Peru, Chile, etc

Installation service

If our cooling machines are hard for you to install, if local refrigeration engineers are not so reliable, you could enjoy turnkey project service by our professional engineers. We have already served many customers on installation in Vietnam, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Tanzania, USA. Besides, we have finished over thousand cold room projects in China domestic.

Conceptual design

If you don’t have engineer to design the cold room for you, we can offer. Each cold room project we provide to you must be the very professional one designed by our engineer team that has over 8 year experiences. Each design we provide will fully discuss with you and meet most of your requirements.

Tuna Cold Storage design

Design principle

Parallel redundant refrigeration system, one compressor or fan stop, whole systems still provide 100% capacity

Easy install, easy operate and easy to fix

As lower power consumption as possible

Project basic info

Tuna come from super freezer container and frozen boat

Maximum 20 tons tuna inlet per day

Maximum 300 tons frozen tuna

4# Rough drawing

Rough drawing

-60C cold storage for tuna

-25C freezer room

Tuna Cold Storage

Insulated panels

The -60C cold room is inside a -25C freezer room, so it’s two layers of 150mm PIR panels, density 42kg/m3. Polyisocyanurate foaming, Non-CFCs or Non-HCFC foaming. It’s cyclopentane. This is 100% environment friendly foaming.

Cold storage PIR panels

Cascade refrigerating system

It’s Redundant systems. So if somewhere is broken, it would start the spare parts and send alarm signals to you. The evaporator is ultra low temperature design, so the motor, copper, drain pipe and electric wires all could suffer -60C temperature. 

Cascade refrigerating system

Insulated panels with USA FM approval, Quality guaranteed

CRYO insulated panels are certified by USA FM Approvals, with class 4880/4881. Besides, the long terms cooperation and communication with our German, Italy and USA partners, it’s enhancing our strengths on quality products. Now service life of our PIR panels, PU panels are up to 20 years.

Insulated panels with USA FM approval

10 years warranty for PIR panels & PU panels, 20 years service life

With deep cooperation with German BASF, our Panels foaming & thermal insulation are very stable. Porosity by closed pore is no less than 99.1%. Water absorption rate is no more than 0.8%. U value (heat transfer coefficient) could be guaranteed to remain at 0.019~0.021 W/mk, which means lasting good insulation during its service life

10 years warranty for cold room panels

Original new German Bitzer compressor, unit with 20% power saving design

Besides, German GEA Grasso and Japan Mycom compressor are available. Whole cooling units are with power saving design on the oil control, evaporator defrosting and so on. So it’s not only without quality problems, but also saving lots of power during its service life

compressor rack units

Professional & good service for design, pre-sales and after-sale

All salesmen in CRYO have at least 3-years of working experience, guarantee quick replies with 12 hours, saving 30% of your time.

All engineers in CRYO have at least 5-years of working experience, speaking good English, and provide phone call and video call service, saving you 80% of the troubles. 

Cryo's services

Different prices for different customizations. Any size of cold room and requirements is acceptable.

Please feel free to let us know your demand information, we will contact you as soon as possible, looking forward to cooperating with you!

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