Cold Storage Panels

  1. PU panels with Camlock
  2. Continuous PIR panels
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Product Description

There have two popular types of cold room panels. One is PU panel, another is PIR panel. The differences of these two types are fireproofing grade, cam lock, and installation cost and lifetime. Our PU panel can reach B2 fireproofing grade, with durable zinc-coated cam lock, and 42 kg/m3 high density PU foam, and very easy to install. It can keep cold room lifetime to 20 years at least. 

cold room insulated panels
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High density panels

CRYO produce high quality PIR panels and PU panels. 75~200mm PU/PIR panel

cold storage panel Fireproofing

B2 Fireproofing PU panels, no risks

Our PU panel foam use polyester that reach B2 fireproof grade. It is difficult to burn and without smoke. While other supplier add fire retardant into PU foam, it will generate smoke when it happen fire.

Best steel

No corrosion, Best steel brand

- Cheap quality, low lifetime. - More noise, more power consumption. - Quality problems keep happening, nightmare!

Panels thickness

Panels thickness

heat transfer coefficient



Temperature difference inside and outside cold room

Suitable temperature for cold room





















Panels surface steel


Color plate

Baosteeel color plate

Galvanized steel

Aluminum steel

Salinization steel

Stainless Steel 304

Steel thickness(mm)

0.426, 0.476

0.5, 0.6 0.8

0.8, 1

0.7, 0.8


0.5, 0.6, 0.7 0.8,1


Widely use

Famous brand

More durable

Looks nicer

For seafood

For seafood, medicine

Successful Case

10,000 ton, 80x48x12 meter cold room project

Place: Shanghai, China
Roof/wall Panels: 200mm PIR panels with 0.6mm color palte (Baosteel)
Floor panels: 50mm XPS panels, 4 layers, 350KPA
Temperature: -23C~-25C
Application: cold-chain distribution, logistic refrigeration

cold storage project

Cool room for beef processing plant

cold room sliding door

Cold storage with FM approved PIR panels

cold room door


What is the thickness of the color plate?

Answer: Bao-steel brand color plate: 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm. The Bao-steel brand is the best in China.

Other suppliers may use 0.326mm, and 0.426mm, not the Bao-steel brand, which is too weak.


For PU panels, the higher density the better insulation, right?

Answer: No. The best density is 42kg/m3. We can do the 42kg/m3 to ensure the best insulation.


If PU panel adds flame retardant, what will cause?

Answer: Flame retardant is bad material. It will cause dense smoke and poor insulation.

What is the warranty for the PU panels?

Answer: We can guarantee you 3 years warranty and design the PU panels used for 20 years. Compared with suppliers, some give 1 year warranty, some even have no warranty grantee. 

What’s the difference between PIR, PUR and Styrofoam panels?

Click our blog to know more product knowledge of insulated panels.


Different prices for different customizations. Any size of cold room and requirements is acceptable.

Please feel free to let us know your demand information, we will contact you as soon as possible, looking forward to cooperating with you!

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