Bitzer condensing unit

20% power saving


  1. Higher energy efficiency ratio(EER)
  2. Less defrosting, smaller motor input
  3. 42kg/m3 high density PU/PIR panels
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Product Description

Our Bitzer condensing units have medium temperature(-5C~+10C), low temperature(-15C~-30C) and deep blast temperature(-25~-40C). It is equipped with the original new Bitzer compressor, high efficiency corrosion proofing design evaporator and condensers. What’s more, for other accessories, we stick to best brand, like Danfoss, Schneider, Dixell.

bitzer condensing units
Original new Bitzer compressors

Original new Bitzer compressors, BEST quality

- Produced in Beijing, China. - High efficiency to save electricity. - Long lifetime, no quality trouble, no maintenance cost.

Copy Bitzer compressor

Copy Bitzer compressor, bad quality - NEVER!

- Cheap quality, low lifetime. - More noise, more power consumption. - Quality problems keep happening, nightmare!

Air tightness test to ensure no leaking

Air tightness test to ensure no leaking

Follow strict testing such as on condensing unit pressure tightness test and pipe coil tightness test in water.

Strong copper pipe

Strong copper pipe, good bending and welding

- Produced in Beijing, China. - High efficiency to save electricity. - Long lifetime, no quality trouble, no maintenance cost. ​

Condensing unit Features

Fan type

Axial fan: High degree of protection, large Air flow, low noise

Unit kinds

Open type, box type

Refrigerant type

R134a, R404a, R507a or R22

Place to assemble

Indoor/out door(concrete construction building/steel construction building).


220V/50HZ, 220V/60HZ, 380V/50HZ etc


Automatic electric controller, PLC


1 year after shipment

Case material

The galvanized sheet is coated with plastic powdered painted

Quality Assurance

2.8MPA pressure test during produciton

Product Details

bitzer condensing unit details

Technical Parameters

Bitzer semi-hermetic condensing unit: base on condensing Temp 45℃

Temperature: -10~5℃

Refrigerant: R404A

bitzer condensing unit Technical Parameters
bitzer condensing unit Technical Parameters

Successful Case

Fish blast freezing, holding and chill

Customer info: This project is a fish processing plant, including blast freezer, holding freezer and pre-cool room, chiller room. Panels are from local suppliers but all refrigeration machines are our CRYO systems brand.

Order info: 2x18HP Bitzer low temp unit
2x5HP Bitzer medium temp unit
1x75HP Bitzer low temp screw unit

bitzer condensing units


How to distinguish between the original new and fake Bitzer compressor?

A: Each compressor has a unique nameplate with a QR code. Use the cellphone to scan the code, the result will show on the phone from Bitzer company systems. Any phone can do. Original new, the result is successful and the fake compressor fail.


Where are Bitzer compressor production bases located?

A: Beijing China, America, Germany, Egypt, and so on. They follow the German headquarters strict quality control system. We purchase the Bitzer compressor from the Bitzer factory in Beijing.


How many kinds of Bitzer compressors?

A: Semi-hermetic(ECOLINE series), Two stages semi-hermetic, Semi-hermetic screw compressor, Hermetic screw compressor

Different prices for different customizations. Any size of cold room and requirements is acceptable.

Please feel free to let us know your demand information, we will contact you as soon as possible, looking forward to cooperating with you!

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