Processing room

The processing room is mainly used for seafood, chicken,butter, chocolate, and other food processing. The temperature is usually designed to be about 10 ~ 18C because there are people working inside, 

Installation service

"If installing cooling machines seems complex, or local refrigeration engineers fall short, choose our expert cold room builders for turnkey services. Specializing in Prefabricated Rooms and Seafood Processing Plants, we've successfully completed projects in Vietnam, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Tanzania, USA, and over a thousand cold room projects in China."

Conceptual design

If you don’t have engineer to design the cold room for you, we can offer. Each cold room project we provide to you must be the very professional one designed by our engineer team that has over 8 year experiences. Each design we provide will fully discuss with you and meet most of your requirements.

Processing room


Overall scheme display of processing room

Processing room design

Featuring a Positive cold room design, our processing room measures 15x11x4m and maintains a storage temperature of +10 to +20 ℃, ensuring optimal conditions for a wide range of needs.
100mm PIR panel, 2x2.4m sliding door, Copeland compressor condensing unit. processing room design top view

Cold storage Insulated panel detail

100mm PIR panel shall be used. The foaming density is 42kg / m3, grade B1 fire protection. Based on different ring temperatures, 120mm and 75mm or 50mm thickness can be selected. For example, the ambient temperature of 20℃ can be 75mm or 50mm, and the ambient temperature of 40℃ can be 120mm.

Thickness of processing room panel:

50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 120mm.

Foaming density:

42kg / m3 is the best foaming density. Cold storage PIR panels

Floor Detail

High quality XPS panels, 250KPA.

One water barrier, zero leakages

Two layers vapour barrier, best protection.

XPS board

As shown in the figure below

SBS water barrier

It is mainly waterproof.

PE film

For moisture-proof

Cold storage doors Specifications

Aluminum frame with PU foaming, very strong. The size is 2 * 2.4m. 100% no leakages or ice problem High quality heating wire, no frosting problem.

Condensing units specifications - processing room equipment

Based on+10~+20 ℃, we choose Emerson Copeland compressor condensing unit. Specially designed for high temperature range Danfoss solenoid valve and pressure control.   condensing unit


Considering that there are people working in the processing room, it is specially equipped with a double-sided blowing air cooler with soft air flow and quiet. Magnesium aluminum alloy casing, no rust problem Weiguang brand fan motors Italy brand Zuomoshi heaters Air cooler


Full protection, can suffer power fluctuation. Smart control, easy design

Multiple protections

phase sequence protection, overvoltage and under-voltage protection, overload protection.

Remote monitoring

Cold Room Remote Control Platform allows you to get cold room running status whenever and wherever you are, find the cold room failure in time for reducing food problems, managed by more than one employee, and so on. Electric box

Different prices for different customizations. Any size of cold room and requirements is acceptable.

Please feel free to let us know your demand information, we will contact you as soon as possible, looking forward to cooperating with you!

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