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When the system fails, it is generally impossible to directly see where the fault occurred, and it is also impossible to disassemble and dissect the components of the refrigeration system one by one. The only way to do a comprehensive analysis is to check from the outside. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the causes of various symptoms.

In general, the most intuitive is reflected from the pressure and temperature of the refrigeration system. When its operating pressure and temperature exceed the normal range (except for the deterioration of indoor and outdoor ambient temperature), it must have a fault. This is an important basis for judging the cause of the fault.

The pressure concept of the refrigeration system.

The pressure of the refrigeration system refers to its suction pressure and Exhaust pressure. Under normal circumstances, we can only measure these two pressure values.

① The suction pressure is the pressure on the suction pipe of the compressor. To be precise, it should be the pressure of the compressed suction port. However, due to the difficulty of measurement methods, and the pressure difference between the suction pipe and the suction port is small, in engineering The pressure at any point on the suction pipe can be used as the suction pressure. The suction pressure is close to the evaporation pressure.

②Exhaust pressure refers to the pressure at the compressor exhaust port. For a hermetic compressor, the pressure at any point on the exhaust pipe can be used as the exhaust pressure.

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The temperature content of the refrigeration system.

The temperature of the refrigeration system involves a wide range of aspects. From the perspective of the system, there are evaporation temperature, suction temperature, condensation temperature, exhaust temperature, etc., and the evaporation temperature and condensation temperature are decisive for the system. The above temperature cannot be measured directly under normal circumstances. Only by measuring the pressure and checking the thermodynamic properties of the working fluid can the temperature value be found.


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