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How to manage the cold room for frozen fish?

  1. Standard category storage

We know that compared to fruits and vegetables, aquatic fish has some unacceptable flavors. Therefore, as cold storage management operators, we should not be greedy for convenience. Putting other food in the fish and meat cold storage warehouse will not only cause food odor, but it will also cause mutual infection due to various microorganisms and bacteria.


  1. Quality inspection before storage

Check the aquatic products carefully. When purchasing large quantities, some rotten fish will be mixed in it. Before entering the cold storage, you must pick out the products with deterioration problems to avoid pollution and damage to other products.


  1. Pre-cooling to prevent odor

Before the aquatic fish are frozen in the storage, pre-cooling can be done effectively, which can effectively reduce the special smell of the frozen fish, so that the fish will not have peculiar smell when entering the cold storage, so as to better achieve the effect of low-temperature storage.


  1. Strictly control the temperature of cold storage

During the storage process, the temperature of the cold storage does not meet the requirements, and the internal temperature of the frozen product does not meet the expected temperature, which will cause the aquatic product to rot. In this case, the warehouse temperature should be adjusted in time or transferred accordingly.


  1. Regularly ventilate the frozen fish cold storage

Frozen fish cold storage is not well ventilated for a long time, and the temperature and humidity are too high, which will easily cause bacteria to multiply quickly, leading to deterioration and the peculiar smell of frozen products. At the same time, the leakage of refrigerant (ammonia) in the refrigeration pipes of the cold storage will not only cause food odors but also cause various food health problems.


The well-operated aquatic frozen fish cold storage can be widely used in various large, medium and small aquatic product wholesale trading markets, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and other places, which can effectively solve the turnover of merchants and ensure food hygiene and health.



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