Through the up and down movement of the aluminum plate inside the Contact Plate freezer, the upper and lower surfaces of the product can fully contact with the aluminum plate to realize heat exchange and quickly freeze the product.

This equipment is suitable for freezing all kinds of bulk food on land or on fishing boats, such as fish fillets, surimi, shrimp, shellfish, etc.

The output is 500kg/time-2000kg/time, and it can also be customized according to customer needs.

Quick freezer machine’s main advantages are high heat transfer efficiency, fast freezing speed, low energy consumption, easy cleaning and operation.

Maintenance of Contact Plate freezer

Monitor and adjust the lifting speed of the aluminum plate

Please check the lifting speed of the aluminum plate inside the Contact Plate freezer regularly.

Once a significant change in the speed of the aluminum plate is found, it should be checked and adjusted immediately.

  1. When the equipment is stopped, start the oil pump.
  2. Press the up button, observe the rising speed of the freezing plate, and adjust the throttle valve knob.
  3. During the adjustment process, turn the knob clockwise to increase the speed, and turn the knob counterclockwise to decrease the speed
  4. Press the down button, observe the freezing plate’s lowering speed, and adjust the throttle knob.
  5. Repeat the above steps twice, after confirming that the lifting speed is moderate, stop adjusting the throttle valve
  6. Lower the freezing plate to the lowest position and turn off the oil pump.

Adjust the hydraulic pump pressure

  1. When the equipment is stopped, start the oil pump.
  2. Adjust the knob of the relief valve at the outlet of the oil pump, and observe the pressure gauge at the outlet of the oil pump at the same time, and adjust the pressure to an appropriate value according to the product model instructions.
  3. Lock the overflow valve.
  4. Turn off the oil pump.

Warning! The valves of the hydraulic station should be in charge of special personnel, and cannot be adjusted arbitrarily.

Hydraulic oil will gradually age and deteriorate during use, and it must be replaced in time when it reaches a certain level. In order to ensure the operation of the hydraulic system on the rapid freezer, it should be tested regularly. If the specified technical requirements are exceeded, the oil change period has been reached and it should be replaced in time.

Warning! Pay attention to fire safety when using hydraulic oil; if it comes into contact with your body accidentally, wash it with running water and soap immediately.


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