bitzer condensing units

The surface temperature of the refrigeration unit components has a normal temperature range, and it is abnormal if it exceeds this range. The factors that cause these abnormalities may be faults or improper adjustment, but they must be analyzed for their causes and eliminated and dealt with in a timely manner. These temperatures are difficult to measure with a thermometer. You can only estimate its temperature range by hand, and then you can judge whether the temperature is normal or not.

The influence of changes in compressor casing and exhaust temperature.

In summer, under normal circumstances, the exhaust temperature of the compressor will be relatively high, but generally it should not exceed 130°C. It is abnormal if the temperature exceeds this temperature. 

The high exhaust temperature is caused by the high suction temperature of the compressor. The consequence is that the refrigerating oil may form carbon, which affects or destroys the normal operation of the valve plate, the lighter reduces the refrigeration capacity of the compressor, and the severer causes the compressor to fail. 

The exhaust temperature is too low and the exhaust pipe is not hot, which means that the suction temperature is extremely low, the compressor is running in wet stroke or the working fluid in the system is running with very little. The wet stroke of the compressor will damage the valve structure; running under extremely low refrigerant conditions will affect the heat dissipation of the motor windings and accelerate the aging of insulating materials.

The influence of the temperature change of the condenser heat pipe


The normal situation is that the front half of the radiator pipe that the exhaust pipe discharges is very hot, but its temperature has a smaller tendency to gradually drop. The heat sensation degree of the second half of the radiating pipe is much lower than that of the first half. This is because the refrigerant in the second half of the pipe has gradually liquefied and reached the condensation temperature and supercooling temperature. 

In abnormal situations, one is that the first half is not too hot, and the second half is close to normal temperature (ambient temperature). The reason is that the compressor sucks in liquid refrigerant or the amount of refrigerant is small. The other is that the entire condenser tube is very hot. The reason is that the amount of refrigerant is too much or the ventilation is small, or the ambient temperature is very high.

The temperature of the liquid pipe.

Under normal circumstances, the liquid tube is warm. 

Under abnormal conditions, the liquid tube is relatively hot. The reason is that the condenser has poor heat dissipation, high condensing temperature or too much refrigerant charge.

The temperature of the filter.

The situation is the same as that of the liquid pipe, but it has a prominent abnormality that the filter becomes cold. The reason is that part of the mesh of the filter screen is blocked by dirt, which makes the filter not unblocked. When the refrigerant flows through the filter screen, there is a throttling phenomenon. Another abnormal situation is that the filter is not hot and the temperature is close to the ambient temperature. The reason is that the filter is blocked by dirt and the refrigerant cannot flow through.

The temperature of the suction pipe

Under normal conditions: the suction tube feels cold and dew. 

Under abnormal circumstances: one is that the suction pipe is too cold and there is too much dew, so condensation is formed in a large area near the suction pipe of the compressor. The reason is that the refrigerant flow is large, the liquid cannot be completely vaporized in the evaporator, and there is a phenomenon of liquid backflow. The hazard is that the compressor may run in wet stroke, and in severe cases, liquid hammer will occur, and the valve plate will be threatened. The second is that the suction pipe is not cold, does not condense, and the casing is very hot. The reason is that the refrigerant flow is small or the amount of refrigerant is insufficient, and the consequence is that the exhaust temperature rises and the cooling capacity decreases.

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