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Features of large cold storage lights

  1. The large-scale cold storage lighting uses an aluminum alloy shell, and its material meets the requirements of the GB/T 1173-1995 national standard. Using advanced “high temperature one-time die-casting” molding process, the casting product has a smooth surface, fine metal structure, no internal bubbles, sand holes and other defects. It has good tensile strength and impact resistance. The low-temperature cold storage lamp shell has high explosion-proof performance, and the cold storage There are permanent explosion-proof signs and trademarks directly pressed by the mold on the lamp.
  2. After the cold room light is treated by the shot blasting machine for surface strengthening and cleaning and other technical treatments, the surface is sprayed with fully automatic spraying assembly line equipment and domestic advanced high-voltage electrostatic spraying technology. The plastic layer is evenly attached and has strong adhesion. It is UV resistant. Plastic powder, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, flat tempered glass lampshade, stainless steel exposed fasteners.
  3. Large-scale cold storage lamp ballasts and lamps adopt integrated or split design, which can meet the use of a variety of different light sources; high-purity aluminum anodized orange-patterned diffuse reflector, high reflectivity, soft light; wide adjustment range of upper and lower illumination angles of lamps Ceiling bracket type and hanging lamp installation method of cold storage lamp,
  4. Large cold storage lights can meet the various installation and use needs; the layout structure of cold storage lights uses threaded caps, which are convenient for opening, repairing, and replacing light sources.



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