About CRYO

CRYO company
Who we are?

CRYO systems started in the year 2011, located in Guangzhou city, which is an international city, good traffic, and with the world-famous Canton fair. Our factory is a leading energy-saving insulation panel & door supplier, located in wujin economic development zone in Jiangsu province.

What we do?

CRYO systems provide turnkey refrigeration for cold rooms, blast freezers, refrigeration units, cold room panels, as the world’s cost-effectively international refrigeration brand, we aim to bring you easy installing, professionally and efficiently solutions.

CRYO SYSTEMS works with refrigeration contractors, end-users who own different kinds of food.

Why choose us?

Los sistemas CRYO se centran en el mercado extranjero y ofrecen productos llave en mano. Alta calidad, 10 años de garantía. Ahorro de energía, hasta un 20%. Experiencia completa. Durante los últimos 9 años, hemos vendido a más de 70 países, más de 700 proyectos llave en mano. Nuestro equipo de ventas elabora soluciones de proyectos para más de 7000 clientes en el mundo. Ahora hemos construido una buena reputación en Australia, Nueva Zelanda, EE. UU., Uruguay, Sri Lanka, Fiji, PNG, etc.

Our factory

Started in year 1981, our group is the largest domestic manufacturer in warm-keeping panels field of cold-chain, through over 41 years’ development. It has been the integrated supplier of design, production, installation, and maintenance in cold-chain logistic systems.

Production workshop

Our Group has six workshops for producing all kinds of PU, PIR, rock wool of new energy plate, all kinds of frozen cold storage doors, industrial doors and lift platform. In which we have two international advanced sheet continuous production lines, one from Italy, one from German, built 10 square meters of production base.

Product line Cryo systems factory
Product line Cryo systems factory
Cryo systems factory

In 2013, the products of various kinds of energy-saving and insulation products of the company passed the United States FM certification.

As the leading enterprise of energy-saving insulation board, our group positive performance the Montreal protocol, become the first domestic cyclopentane technology instead of the foaming agent of insulation board manufacturer.

Cryo systems factory