blast freezer vs plate freezer
blast freezer vs plate freezer

As for blast freezing, we have different machines to make it. For example, spiral freezer, tunnel freezer, liquid nitrogen freezer. But most popular, it’s the plate freezer and blast freezer.

So here are the differences. 

Air blast freezer for seafood


1. Blast freezer

For a blast freezer or air blast freezer, only the evaporator is working. It guarantees the room temperature to be between -30C and -40C. Products inside the cold room would be get frozen within certain hours, like 4 hours, 8 hours, or 20 hours.

Blast  freezer is used to keep food safe at very low temperatures for the long time.

Normally we would use the trolley to carry the products. So it’s very flexible and most products are no problem. 

Contact plate freezer

2. Plate freezer

But as for the contact plate freezer. You see, it doesn’t have any fan motors. Only the freezing aluminum plate. Plate freezers are designed to meet limited space requirements. Stainless steel panels on both sides. Good insulation and easy to clean. Easy to install and move.  So only those products which could be put into the freezing frame and freezing tray are working in the plate freezer.

Normally, the plate freezer is more power-saving and has less pulldown time.


The main difference between plate freezer and blast freezer is that a blast freezer is designed to work in a way that allows you to store frozen products for a long time. This is because the temperature inside the blast freezer is much lower than that of a plate freezer, so the full contents can be frozen.


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