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When Convert the warehouse to a cold storage, a few points of attention for the reconstruction of warehouse cold storage

  1. First of all, the original building cannot be a dilapidated building or an illegal building.
  2. We must ensure the bearing capacity of the cold storage, and the ground of the cold storage must be stable.
  3. Can hole be drilled through walls in the warehouse? Because there is refrigeration equipment inside and outside the cold storage, pipe connections are needed, so holes are needed.
  4. Is there a stable power supply? Is the drainage smooth?
  5. How high is the warehouse? If it is not enough, it needs to be raised, because a gap of 30 cm between the warehouse and the top of the cold storage needs to be reserved, so the warehouse cannot be too short.


Do you want to reconstruct your warehouse? Contact CRYO to get more cold room solutions!

Different prices for different customizations. Any size of cold room and requirements is acceptable.

Please feel free to let us know your demand information, we will contact you as soon as possible, looking forward to cooperating with you!

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    We’d like to show the 3 popular cold storage designs: freezer room/processing room/blast freezer room. Equipped with high-density PU/PIR panels, good insulated cold room sliding doors, suitable high-efficiency refrigeration systems, and more is the Remote Control Platform, to build energy-efficient and intelligent cold storage.

    Customization services of cold rooms are available, send your cold room request to CRYO now!