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Compressors play an important part in refrigeration systems condensing units, And refrigeration compressors should be properly maintained and should be inspected, and tested on a regular basis.


We could meet something wrong with the compressor while using the refrigeration unit. Now, let us list some common compressor issues.

1. Compressor can’t work.


Firstly check the local power. Then check electrical cable, element, motor, and compressor protection. Finally, check the compressor itself.

(1 power supply fault: The local voltage is too low/high and abnormal current. Usually, the voltage should be 10% fluctuation.

(2 electrical cable connection fault: Check if the cable connection is loosed?

(3 electrical element fault: Check if the contactor, thermal relay, air switch work well.

(4 motor burnt

(5 Some protection: Firstly check if the high/low protection value set is well. Then, check if the thermal relay protection value setting.

(6 Temperature controller fault.

(7 The compressor problem: compressor motor burnt, connecting rod broken and etc.

bitzer compressors capacity control

2. Another compressor fault is compressor start and stops frequently.


For this problem, firstly we need to check the power supply. If confirmed power supply no problem, check below items:

(1. the low pressure controller problem.

  • the protection value range setting not well. The range is small.
  • the refrigerant is leakage.
  • the refrigerant liquid is not enough to pump to the evaporator.

(2. high pressure two high

  • condenser is dirty
  • condenser capacity is not enough
  • too much refrigerant
  • system is with air inside

(3. the oil pressure is too low. Usually, it is the oil pump and oil supply system problem. The oil pump supply oil not stable, so the oil pressure is fluctuation and oil pressure differential device on/off frequently.

refrigeration units

3. The others two problem of compressor are low efficiency and high temperature of the compressor shell.

(1. Low efficiency

  • The capacity is not enough. The reason maybe compressor too small, evaporator or condenser is not suitable with the compressor. Compressor quality problem.
  • Lack of refrigerant. If lack of refrigerant, the room is hard to cool down to aimed temperature.
  • Refrigerant liquid pump is not well. The result same as lack of refrigerant. The reason could be small expansion valve size and dry filter blocked.

(2. High temperature of compressor shell

  • compressor quality problem
  • suction gas superheat too big
  • Suction gas quantity too small, the reason is that motor can’t cool well.
  • The oil cool efficiency is not well.

Your refrigeration system’s health might have an impact on your cold room condensing units cooling capability. Regular maintenance and inspections can help your refrigeration system last longer. If you require a replacement compressor or build a cold room, contact us for a refrigeration solution.

Different prices for different customizations. Any size of cold room and requirements is acceptable.

Please feel free to let us know your demand information, we will contact you as soon as possible, looking forward to cooperating with you!

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