cold storage panels

The difference between cold storage panels

As for cold storage panels – insulated panels, the foam is very important as it decide the insulation,fireproofing and lifetime, etc.

Styrofoam panels, also call EPS panels, XPS panels. Let’s say it’s the first generation of insulation.

EPS panels

Now under the latest regulation for insulation panels of China, GBT30134-2013, they are no longer allowed for cold storage application. Because insulation is not so good, strength is not enough, etc.

What’s worse, its fireproof performance is poor. If the cold room is in a crowded wholesale market or central city, and it catch fire, it’s a disaster and hard to image what we would loss.

fire in cold room

So we update to the PUR panels, which is better. These panels are with cam lock. Foam color is light yellow. Fireproofing could reach to B2 grade. Insulation is much better. It’s very popular for small cold room, less than 300CBM.

PUR panels

But for a big project, there are thousands of cam locks. It’s time consuming and risky if workers climb up and down to lock and panels. What’s more, as fireproofing is more and more important worldwide, and with the improvement of technology, insulated PIR panels are becoming more and more popular.

PIR panels

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