blast freezer room

Cold storage installation and air cooler installation

  1. When choosing the position of the lifting point for cold storage installation, first consider the location with the best air circulation, and consider the structural direction of the storage body.
  2. The gap between the air cooler and the panels should be greater than the thickness of the air cooler.
  3. All hanging bolts of the air cooler should be fastened, and the bolts and hanging bolts should be perforated and sealed with sealant to prevent cold bridges and air leakage
  4. When the ceiling fan is too heavy, use No. 4 or No. 5 angle iron as the lintel. The lintel should span to another roof and wall to reduce the load.

Assembly and installation of refrigeration unit

  1. The semi-hermetic or hermetic compressor should be equipped with an oil separator, and an appropriate amount of oil should be added to the oil. When the evaporation temperature is lower than minus 15 degrees, a gas-liquid separator and an appropriate amount of refrigerating oil should be installed.
  2. The base of the cold room compressor should be equipped with a shock-absorbing rubber seat.
  3. The installation of the unit should leave a maintenance space to facilitate the observation of the adjustment of the instrument and the valve.
  4. The high-pressure meter for cold room installation should be installed at the three-way of the liquid storage irrigation valve.

Refrigeration system debugging

  1. Check whether each valve in the refrigeration system is in a normally open state, especially the exhaust shut-off valve, do not close it.
  2. Open the cooling water valve of the condenser. If it is an air-cooled condenser, turn on the fan and check the direction of rotation. The water volume and air volume should meet the requirements.
  3. The electrical control circuit should be tested separately in advance, and attention should be paid to whether the power supply voltage is normal before starting.
  4. Whether the oil level of the compressor crankcase is in the normal position, it should generally be kept at the horizontal center line of the sight glass.
  5. Start the refrigeration compressor to check whether it is normal. Whether the rotation direction of the compressor is correct.
  6. When the compressor is started, check the indication values of the high and low pressure gauges, and check whether the indication values of the oil pressure gauge are within the pressure range of the compressor’s normal operation.
  7. Listen for the sound of refrigerant flowing from the expansion valve, and observe whether the pipeline behind the expansion valve has normal condensation and frost. Work at full load at the beginning of operation, which can be understood by touching the temperature of the cylinder head by hand.
  8. The safety protection devices installed in the refrigeration system, such as high- and low-pressure relays, oil pressure differential relays, cooling water and chilled water cut-off relays, chilled water freezing protection relays and safety valves, should be dealt with during the commissioning stage. The action is identified to avoid malfunction or inaction.



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