cold room with refrigeration systems operation

Operating a refrigeration system - Check lists

Routine maintenance and check of the cold room are necessary, and a simple inspection of the refrigeration system, including compressors, evaporators, and other refrigeration accessories, is required to ensure the long-term stable operation of the refrigeration system.

Follow the checklist below if the system has been trouble-free for a long time (two weeks or longer) and the design conditions have been met:

(1) Check that the compressor discharge pressure and suction pressure are within the compressor’s design limitations. If not, make the appropriate adjustments.

(2) Check the liquid line sight glass and the expansion valve’s operation. If the system appears to be low on refrigerant, thoroughly check the system for leakage before adding refrigerant.

(3) Use the compressor sight glass to check the oil level (if present). As necessary, add oil.

(4) Check the thermostatic expansion valve for optimum superheat setting. The sensor must be insulated and in strong contact with the suction line. Valves with a high superheat setting have a limited cooling capability. Low superheat settings might lead to fluid accumulation and compressor bearing washout. (For more information, see Suction pressure on Compressor and Evaporator Superheats.)

(5) At the compressor terminals, check the voltage and current values. The voltage measurement should be within the acceptable range. The compressor’s normal working amperages may be substantially lower than the nameplate numbers.


refrigeration system operation check

(6) To check the high-pressure control setting, increase the head pressure until the control’s cut-out level is reached. Stop the condenser fans (air-cooled condensing units) or the pump and observe the pressure build on a high-pressure gauge to ensure the high-pressure control is running at the required level can be done.

(7) Double-check the low-pressure settings and let the compressor cool down.

(8) Check for the correct operation of all safety and operational controls and make any needed adjustments.

(9) Check the defrosting controls for the start and termination settings, as well as the defrosting time duration.

(10) (If equipped) Check for operation of the system’s winter pressure control (fan cycle or flooded valves).


refrigeration system operation check list-part1


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