big cold room projects with pir panel

Tips on Cold Room Energy-Saving Solutions

Do you need a cold room installation or any other type of cold room solution? Energy efficiency is a basic factor to consider in all new refrigeration systems. From the original design of the system to the way it is installed, maintained, and used, the energy efficiency of the cold room can be maximized. At…

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Why cold room frost and what are defrosting methods?

Why should the cold room defrost? Improve the cooling efficiency of the system; Guarantee the quality of frozen products in the warehouse; Save electricity; Extend the service life of the cold storage system. If the evaporator is frosted, it will affect the normal use of the cold storage, so the evaporator of the cold storage…

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cold room evaporator

Installation guide for expansion valve

Expansion valve installation guide: The expansion valve must be installed in the liquid line ahead of the evaporator, with its bulb close to the suction line as close to the evaporator as possible. If there is external pressure equalization, the equalizing line must be connected to the suction line immediately after the bulb. The bulb…

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The defrost parameters setting in Dixell controller

In the previous blog(The defrost parameters in electric heater defrost type), we already discuss the defrost parameters defrost cycle, defrost time and defrost end temperature. Now, let us discuss the normal setting value and how to set it in a Dixell controller. For the Cryo refrigeration unit, the default defrosts parameters setting are: 1) For…

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bitzer compressors capacity control

The protection measures for compressor

The protection measures for compressor There are two ways to protect the compressor:   1)  The measure to protect from a compressed liquid As we know the liquid can’t be compressed in the compressor (liquid could be the refrigerant liquid and oil). If there is too much liquid inside the cylinder, the connecting rod &…

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Medicine chiller room

The installation standards for medical cold storage

The installation standards for medical cold storage are as follows (1) Medical cold storage commensurate with its business scale and variety, and biological product cold storage shall be equipped with two or more independent cold storages; (2) Equipment used for automatic monitoring, display, recording, regulation and alarm of cold storage temperature; through the high-precision temperature…

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bitzer condensing units

The influence of the change of suction pressure on the refrigeration system

When the refrigeration system is running, its suction pressure has a close relationship with the condensing temperature and the circulating amount of refrigerant. For systems that use capillary tubes for throttling, the suction pressure is related to condensing pressure, refrigerant quantity, compressor efficiency, and cooling load. Therefore, when checking the refrigeration system, a pressure gauge should be…

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processing plant

Features of large cold storage lights

Features of large cold storage lights The large-scale cold storage lighting uses an aluminum alloy shell, and its material meets the requirements of the GB/T 1173-1995 national standard. Using advanced “high temperature one-time die-casting” molding process, the casting product has a smooth surface, fine metal structure, no internal bubbles, sand holes and other defects. It…

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4 small cold rooms built in basement

The cold rooms are built-in basement where is very narrow, besides, in such small place, customer needs to separate it into 4 small one, what should be paid attention to? 1# If the basement is humid or the location nearby the sea, stainless steel for the panel is the best choice. 2# For easy installation…

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cold room for garlic

Convert the warehouse to a cold storage

When Convert the warehouse to a cold storage, a few points of attention for the reconstruction of warehouse cold storage First of all, the original building cannot be a dilapidated building or an illegal building. We must ensure the bearing capacity of the cold storage, and the ground of the cold storage must be stable.…

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insulated PU panels

PU panel width for walk in fridge and freezer

Do you want to customize your walk in fridge and freezer size? PU panel Length or width?  We introduce the Chinese standards for you.   In different countries, different cold room suppliers manufacture different size PU panel widths for walk-in fridges and freezers. In China, whatever 50/75/100/120/150/200 mm panel, our PU panel width is 960mm,…

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blast freezer room

The advantages of quick-frozen food in the blast freezer

The blast freezer (quick-frozen food) industry has developed rapidly. The feature of the blast freezer room: Blast freezer (quick-frozen food) usually requires relatively large refrigeration equipment. The cooling capacity of the equipment is directly proportional to the amount of quick-freezing of the food and inversely proportional to the time of quick-freezing. The Blast freezer room…

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cold room for garlic

Construction of 500㎡ garlic cold storage

Garlic cold storage, cold room for garlic How much is the construction and installation of 500㎡ cold storage for garlic? The cost of cold storage mainly depends on the three requirements of cold storage size, temperature requirements, and refrigeration unit requirements. The construction and installation costs of garlic cold storage mainly include the following points:…

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cold room for food

The Best Cold Storage Temperature for Different Food

Are you doing the fruit/vegetable/beverage/seafood/poultry … business? Do you need Cold Storage or other equipment to keep fresh or frozen? And do you know the suitable cold storage temp for your food? Different food has different cold storage temp to keep fresh and long-lasting. Common food preservation cold rooms temperature is as below: Frozen food…

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freezer room

Two chiller room combination in PNG

Chiller room design Location: cold room in PNG It is a 15x6x2.7m cold room divided into two parts for different vegetable storage, one room requires +9C degree, the other requires +2C degree. Panel solution Wall and roof panel with 0.6mm thick BAOSTEEL brand white color plate steel. Floor panel is with 0.8m thick steel, and…

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compressor rack system

Do I need a compressor rack for my cold room projects?

Compressor rack for your cold room, saving power and no break down During these years, we give many refrigeration solutions with different refrigeration systems. Sometime, we give monoblock refrigeration units. While for some customers, we say screw compressor is best. Why? Many customers have few knowledges of refrigeration machines. They just want to use it…

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