Cold storage/Freezer room/Walk-in freezer/Condensing units – Product Knowledge from CRYO systems

insulated PU panels

PU panel width for walk in fridge and freezer

Do you want to customize your walk in fridge and freezer size? PU panel Length or width?  We introduce the Chinese standards for you.   In different countries, different cold room suppliers manufacture different size PU panel widths for walk-in fridges and freezers. In China, whatever 50/75/100/120/150/200 mm panel, our PU panel width is 960mm,…

blast freezer room

The advantages of quick-frozen food in the blast freezer

The blast freezer (quick-frozen food) industry has developed rapidly. The feature of the blast freezer room: Blast freezer (quick-frozen food) usually requires relatively large refrigeration equipment. The cooling capacity of the equipment is directly proportional to the amount of quick-freezing of the food and inversely proportional to the time of quick-freezing. The Blast freezer room…