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The solution to the continuous liquid return of the compressor

Causes of Refrigerant Floodback in compressor: Refrigerant floodback in an compressor can be caused by a variety of circumstances. The majority of them may be traced back to: 1. Problems with the evaporator are number one. 2. Excessive charging and/or improperly sized capillary tubes. 3. Expansion valves that are defective or misadjusted. 4. Migration of…

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The solution for prevent unpleasant odors in cold room

The cold storage foods contain some fat, protein, and starch. So, with the presence of these nutrients, it has the possibility that mold and bacteria grow rapidly. To ensure the quality of the food, we need to clean and disinfect the cold room periodically. We can use acid disinfectant to clean the cold room. The…