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The meat cold storage is for meat, like fish, beef and pork and so on. In general, the cold storage temperature is in the -18 ~ -23 ℃, special high-grade meat freezing temperature is higher, such as high-grade beef, tuna and other freezing temperature at -35 ℃.

If it is a slaughterhouse, it also needs to be equipped with a number of film acid and cold storage workshop.

meat cold storage

Different temperature for meat preservation time

1. Meat in the 0-5 ℃ cold storage can store 3-10 days, the so-called cold storage is a cold storage room, this is particularly suitable for fresh meat, especially cold chain transportation in need of cold meat.

2. The lower the shelf life of meat at -18 ° C to -23 ° C, it can save longer for meat. For example, it will be stored at -18 ° C for about 6 months. If you want to keep longer, then the temperature should be lower, Of course, the lower the cold storage temperature represents the cost of cold storage and operating costs increase.

Check our Freezer room design of room temperature – 15 ~ – 25C and – 23 ~ – 30C.


Meat cold storage frozen knowledge

1, frozen poultry frozen storage

Pork meat is richer than muscle tissue, and is more prone to quality.

Therefore, poultry meat should be packed in airtight composite and transported at temperatures below -18 ° C to avoid fat oxidation, dehydration and dryness and spoilage.

2, frozen meat

Animal meat is divided generally according to customer requirements or importing countries habits, and then packed by watertight composite, to avoid dehydration caused by dehydration dry consumption, and then into the carton. Carton must be sealed, tied, and attached to the identification label.

In the process of freezing, it should avoid carton deformation, which not only affect the appearance and loss of cold box effective stac.

3, frozen fish and frozen aquatic products

Fish and aquatic products mainly contain water, protein, fat, minerals, enzymes and vitamins. Which protein content is high, there are eight essential amino acids the human body.

Fish and aquatic products compared with livestock and poultry meat, the muscle tissue is soft, unsaturated lipase content is high, and the enzyme content is also high.




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